Aluminum and Stainless Rust Proof Air Retrieve/Fetch It Rig




Here’s our rig in action at a recent NADD competition

Here’s a link to the latest modifications. The rig now includes a braking system that also serves as a method to transport and secure weights. The brake can also be used as an indicator of rig placement (i.e., a tape measure can be placed on the ground and the brake can be physically located more accurately – no visual location).

Frame and cart are constructed 6061 aluminum. The upper yoke and boom are also made from 1″ aluminum pipe allowing for modification if needed for your pool setup. The entire rig rolls on pneumatic tires. Our rig has been designed for either side of pool use, right or left side.

The Following Items are NOT Included with the

Air Retrieve/Fetch It Rig

We Do Not include the upper rail, cord, clips, weights, or bumper. Too much variation in pool setups to satisfy all with one design and too much money to ship something you can get at your local hardware store. We are also limited by our carrier to a 9′ maximum length for shipping. No worries, though! We designed around that by using parts you can get from any hardware store. Below is a list of recommended parts to complete the rig.

  • Free Weights – Depending on the length of your boom, you’ll need to balance the rig with 2″ weight lifting plates. You can buy these individually from any sporting goods store. From our testing, you’ll need at least 50lbs (1ea @ 25#, 2ea @ 10#, 1ea @ 5#) for the upper assembly and 15 to 20 or more pounds for the base.free_weights
  • 1″ EMT Tubing – This tubing is used as conduit for electrical wiring and sold in 10′ lengths at all hardware stores (don’t use plumbing pipe!). You’ll likely need to cut this tubing to the correct length and drill two holes to hang your bumper. In the four pools we tested the rig, we found the range to be from 7′ to 9′ for the length. Be sure this tubing is secure! Not securing can cause damage to your pool, dog, and/or operator. We will supply a cap for the end – please install it.
  • Parachute Cordparachute_cort
  • Chuckit Bumper – Buy two or more of these. Cut the strap near stitching so length doubles. Bumper in the picture below has not been modified.
  • Clips – We found these at Dollar General in the laundry section and really like them. The clips are all plastic construction and easy to tie up to the rig.clips

Click here for a PDF file link with dimensions for making and installing your top rail assembly

Additional information

Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 24 x 9 in