Competition Pause Table


Competition quality agility pause table with 2 sets of legs for 4 table heights.

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Our table is constructed of aluminum skin and frame, making it light for easy moving. Two sets of legs provide four heights. The small set of legs for 8″ and 12″ heights are made from aluminum. The 16″ and 24″ legs are made from heavy steel pipe to compensate for the light weight top and prevent tipping with larger dogs.

Total table weight for big dogs is 50lbs (+10lbs for rubber). Total table weight for small dogs is 34lbs (+10lbs for rubber)

We can paint table top any color (extra cost for paint) if you want a color other than our blue or yellow. We also do custom colored rubber to your preference (may be an additional cost for color). No additional fee for ‘salted’ blue/white or yellow.

Because of the variable options, we build your table once your order is placed.

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Rubber, Sanded